Our Process

Our Process

Construction ExecutiveGunderson is involved in the entire building process from conception to completion and every stage along the way. Dependent on the client’s project goals; Gunderson Construction is able to meet their needs, whether it be in pre-construction, new construction, renovation, general contractor, construction management, and/or design build. Gunderson Construction is unique, because Dick Gunderson, the Construction Executive, is involved in all decision-making, ensuring the client expectations are met. Gunderson also believes that there can be actual benefits to the project when the general contractor does a portion of the work with its own forces. We typically self-perform 15-20% of our project work, which ensures control of the quality of workmanship, project schedule, costs associated with changes and site safety.

We have the ability to perform the following work with our own forces:

  • Supervision
  • Selective Demolition
  • General Labor
  • Carpentry
  • Gypboard Systems

Service and Guarantee Program

Aside from managing and implementing a strong and proactive quality assurance and quality control program during construction, Gunderson Construction provides a full one-year workmanship and materials warranty. In order to fulfill the comprehensive nature of this guarantee program, Gunderson Construction will communicate these requirements to all project vendors, suppliers and trade contractors in the form of project-specific specifications as well as purchase order/subcontract terms and conditions.

Even after the one-year warranty period, Gunderson Construction will respond to the owner’s request to any premature degradation in materials or equipment. Any such potential warranty claims would be investigated quickly by Gunderson Construction for determination of root cause as well as assignment of responsibility for corresponding repair or replacement.

Our goal is to help every client best manage their new project investments with peace of mind and lower ongoing and maintenance costs.

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