Construction Management

Construction Management

Gunderson Construction was incorporation in 1998. We firmly believe that open and effective communication between all team members provides a basis that will allow for the proactive cost and constructability analysis at each pre-construction and construction milestones.

Cost Estimating
Our Project Managers and Estimators rely on the most up-to-date cost information available, technology, subcontractor input and common sense to develop budget analyses that brings real value to the client. We work as a team to determine the most effective approach to construction that will bring the best value to the client while maintaining the integrity of both design and program.
Gunderson Construction currently has developed a schematic budget which will become the baseline budget that will be utilized in the development of all future design phases for these projects.
During the pre-construction phase, Gunderson Construction will draw upon subcontractor and supplier expertise to assist in developing budgets, schedules, and alternatives, while at the same time, enhancing marketplace interest in the project.

Gunderson Construction believes a project’s success is inherently related to formal pre-task planning and schedule formulation through the collaborative efforts of not only Gunderson Construction personnel, but also subcontractors, design team members, and our clients. Gunderson Construction utilizes FastTrack Scheduling system which allows our Project Manager to monitor pertinent milestones and ongoing activities required to meet the projects’ goals.
Within the schedule, construction activities are easily linked to established project milestones, document issuances, and start and finish dates. Ultimately, the amount of activities or level of detail that can be tracked is a topic of discussion for Gunderson Construction, the client, and Design Team. It often includes pre-construction activities (Design, procurement, permitting, etc.) as well as construction activities (shop drawings, long-lead items, material deliveries, field construction progress, fit-up and furniture, fixtures and equipment, building occupancy and commissioning.)
During construction, under the project manager’s leadership, our project superintendent will take full responsibility for schedule maintenance. They will have day-to-day decision-making authority to assure a proper and productive sequence of work on the jobsite. Throughout the construction phase we will provide the project status, which gives a graphic presentation of current job progress. Gunderson Construction will thoroughly integrate both the specified contract requirements and common field practices to provide these realistic construction schedules.

Quality Assurance and Control
Gunderson Construction feels quality control is of utmost importance and is a major consideration throughout all phases of our projects. The majority of our projects are for clients who own, occupy and maintain their own facilities, so we fully understand their need and desire for quality buildings. Our firm will work with the entire team to ensure that the quality of workmanship, materials and systems selected meet or exceed the contract documents.
Our Project Superintendent will monitor all project subcontractors, suppliers, materials and equipment to ensure compliance and quality standards as set forth in the design drawings and specifications.
Our reputation for quality workmanship is a major factor in Gunderson Construction being requested to do repeated projects on an on-going basis for many of our clients.

Open Book Cost Management
We fully appreciate the importance of meeting budget requirements on our projects. We will maintain an accounting system and fiscal controls, which accurately account for, manage and report up-to-date project costs, progress billings and change requests.
The project’s budget estimates and cost accounting shall be “open book” and available for the duration of the project. This approach has enabled Gunderson Construction to build lasting relationships with our clients.

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