New Construction

New Construction

Scheduling Control

The construction schedule has a great impact on the total cost of the project; at Gunderson Construction, we prepare, maintain and continuously update detailed schedules, which incorporate all required project activities and deadlines. These schedules will address all pertinent information including:

  • Owner decisions
  • Phased drawing completion
  • Long lead items
  • Milestones
  • Local and State document reviews
  • Permits
  • Bidding and awarding of contracts
  • Shop drawing and fabrication lead time
  • All subcontractor and construction activities
  • Fit-up and FF&E procurement
  • Building certificate of occupancy and commissioning

Gunderson Construction on siteDuring construction, under the project manager’s leadership, our project superintendent will take full responsibility for schedule maintenance. They will have day-to-day decision-making authority to assure a proper and productive sequence of work on the jobsite. Gunderson Construction will thoroughly integrate both the specified contract requirements and common field practices to provide these realistic construction schedules.

Cost Control

Gunderson Construction has a cost control approach which has allowed our company to build lasting relationships with all of our clients. Our company will

  • Maintain an accounting system and fiscal controls, which accurately account for, manage and report up-to-date project costs, progress billings and change requests.
  • Project budget estimates and cost accounting shall be “open book” and available for the duration of the project.

Gunderson Construction’s philosophy is to return 100% of buyout savings, unused contingency and all construction savings to the owner as soon as we can realistically identify and guarantee the savings.

Quality Control

Gunderson Construction feels quality control is of utmost importance and is a major consideration throughout all phases of our projects. The majority of our projects are for clients who own, occupy and maintain their own facilities, so we fully understand their need and desire for quality buildings. Our firm will work with the entire team to ensure that the quality of workmanship, materials and systems selected meet or exceed the contract documents. Our reputation for quality workmanship is a major factor in Gunderson Construction being requested to do repeated projects on an on-going basis for many of our clients.

At Gunderson Construction we feel that a successful team atmosphere can only happen through mutual respect, formal partnering, effective communication and team collaboration. Keeping an open mind and acknowledging the expertise and experience that each team member brings to the project are important to maintaining a respectful and healthy working environment.
We would recommend that a “strategic planning” session be held once the core project team is assembled. We have found that a clear understanding of the customer’s primary goals early on in the project enhances everyone’s building experience.
Once the construction phase has started, Gunderson Construction will schedule a weekly meeting with the owner, design team members and the project managers of the major subcontractors. At this meeting we will discuss:

  • Requests for Information
  • Schedule
  • Shop drawing status
  • Fabrication
  • Delivery
  • Track current and future milestones
  • Field questions

These weekly meetings minutes will be issued to all team members (and when appropriate the trade contractors) to maintain a consistent flow of communication.

Purchasing and Management of Subcontractors
Gunderson Construction will receive proposals from all the approved trade contractors and suppliers. We will prepare detailed spreadsheets of their proposal, and identify any exclusions or exceptions to the contract documents. We will monitor the shop drawings/fabrication process of all vendors for compliance with the contact documents and schedule. Our field staff will schedule and receive the deliveries so they arrive at the appropriate time minimizing jobsite congestion and ensuring their orderly installation into the building. They will be inspected for damage and the invoice will be reviewed to verify all material has been delivered and that it meets the contract documents. All of this work is done in conjunction with the home office personnel to ensure correct pricing, quantity and quality of products and conformance with the contract documents.


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