Brown 2C-1Gunderson Construction has an impeccable reputation for the numerousrenovations, restoration, and remodels it has completed during its 18 years of service. We are able to lessen the complexity of this service by giving the clients the correct information about schedule, budget, and building integrity. Gunderson Construction is able to:

  • Remodel, which changes the use of the space or spaces in the project.
  • Renovate, which makes the space new again without changing its use.
  • Restore, which brings the project back to its former glory or returning it to its original use.

This process often times requires working closely with various historical, local, and government agencies and at times preservationists. Gunderson Construction has a very successful history navigating through this process with the highest level of professionalism. Our clients not only feel confident that their project will be successful, but that it is a good investment as well.


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